("Embalse de Tominé, Colombia." Photo by Chris White)

“Your Lord desires to touch this generation, but He needs believers who will not turn away from the burden of looking at the world as it really is. Many whom your Lord has touched are glad for the blessings, are glad for the peace, are glad to be at home in Christ, and they rightly rejoice in all that the Lord has done for them. But they do not allow your God to open their eyes to look at the suffering and dying souls around them.

It is not easy to look at the world as it really is. It is not an easy thing to realize that most people are marching to an eternity of damnation, nor is it the will of your God that they should so perish. As His Word says, “He is not willing that any should perish.” They do perish, but the Lord seeks those who with open eyes and open hearts will receive the burden, the burden of seeing things as they are—to the point where you cannot stand to leave it that way. To see people die, to see them as they really are, to see sin in all its destructive, decimating power, eating men out from the inside and carrying them off to perdition, this is not a reality that is easy to face in the day by day. But in other generations there have been those willing to bear that burden, willing to cry out for the perishing, willing to cry out, “Lord, how long? How long will it be that the multitudes stream down believing lies, fooled by the enemy, deceived into thinking that they are safe when they are falling off a precipice?”

It is the burden that comes first. It is the weepers who go before revival. It is the burdened ones who cry out because they cannot stand to leave things as they are, who make the way for God to move in power. You are living in a generation when your Lord wants to move in power, but the weeping must precede the reaping of the harvest. The burden must be accepted and not put off from you. It will break you, it will hurt. It is not easy to have the (curtain) drawn back, and to see life and death as they really are, to see beautiful young people being eaten alive by the wicked one’s lies.

Many would rather pretend that it is not so, and just delight in their own safety, but you and they are surrounded nonetheless by drowning souls. They perish one by one, and there is no other means to save them than the Gospel. This is a flood for which there is only one lifeboat, only one way of escape. There is no other answer to the avalanche of a generation being swept down to death. Only the Gospel can take them off that downward slope. Will you let them perish, or will you receive that burden that will break your heart just as it broke Jesus’ heart—but which will at the same time make you a fit co-worker of His?

God uses most the broken ones. God uses most those who do not flee from the weeping, from the hard breaking up of the rocky soil. Their prayers will break the soil. Their broken, tearful prayers break the rocks in pieces, so that the seed may go in. God will move in power in places that most do not expect that He will move. But He seeks the ones who will say, ‘Yes, Lord. Here am I. Place your burden on me. Put your desires in my heart. Lord, though it hurts, I want to see things as they really are, because I know, Lord, on the other side of the weeping comes the harvest and the joy.’

The seed will not be sown without the watering of the tears, but the seed that is sown with tears will bring forth unexpected, marvelous results.”

Copyright ©2007 Christopher N. White

(Prophecy given at Lerner Hall, Columbia University, 7/15/2007 at the New Testament Missionary Fellowship)