9/11/2001 Memorial Fountain at the World Trade Center
A prophecy for believers in the City of New York, given on June 17, 2001, shortly before the tragic events of September 11th.

Consider the Lord’s words, “Pray ye the Lord of the harvest, that He send forth laborers into His harvest field.” The place of your labor is not chosen by you. Consider this morning, how the Lord has set you in the City of New York, not many being from this place, but brought here by the Lord. The Lord has works to be done for the city. The Lord alone sees the measure of the darkness, the pain, and the suffering. The times when you see… are because the Lord has pulled back the curtain and made a way for the pained hearts of many men and women to be touched by the grace of Jesus Christ.

There are depths of hurt, and there are depths of pain, and there are depths of darkness in which men dwell in the City of New York and, if it were left to men’s ways, these would never be touched and would never be changed. There would be no healing for those hurts; there would be no binding up of those wounds. But the Lord is not a God who can stand by and watch even the little ones suffer and do nothing about it. Has not the Lord said to you that this is a season of stretching forth? Has He not said to you that He will lead you out little by little?

Consider how He has ministered to your needs, consider and think, make lists, write down on paper what He has done for you lest you forget. There are others who need healing as you have been healed. There are others who need to be touched by the love of God, as you have been touched. Let Him make you broken bread for the City of New York. Bread that is not broken is of no use. It has to be broken. “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone but, if it die, it brings forth much fruit.” Let the Lord put to death those things in you that need to die, so that purposes of His that He intends to bring to life may be brought fully to life. Don’t just look to the distant scene and marvel at what God is doing in other places. Ask Him for the wonders that He intends to do in the City of New York.

Ask Him and He will make you as a company a fountain that overflows, a fountain that cannot be contained. Because the fountain that the Lord is building is not just meant to water this garden, but it is meant to water this city, and to change New York City in a way nothing else can. Oh, lift up your eyes to the Lord and ask of Him mighty things that He will do in your days. Say again, “Lord, here I am, send me. Make me a laborer in the City of New York, and make me a vessel for the saving of the lost.”

Copyright ©2001 Christopher N. White
(A prophecy given at a meeting of the New Testament Missionary Fellowship, 6/17/2001.)